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Our work is good. We promise. And behind that promise, we want you to know that we back our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We won't stop working until you like what we've done. 

Elmwood Realty Management LLC in Plainview

We Love Houses!

 The Elmwood Realty Company is a full service residential development and property company that owns and operates a portfolio of residential units in the New York area.

Formed in 1994, Elmwood Realty is family owned and operated by Edward and Mariana Gershovich. It has been known for meeting the demands of the ever-evolving New York real estate market.

 Edward, an engineer started his career working for Tri Borough Bridge and Tunnel Authority at Verrazano Bridge. Mariana is an independent NYS licensed real estate broker. Their aggregate experience includes the construction and sale of private homes as well as the rehabilitation and management of residential properties.

 By choosing to work in the neighborhood that they are familiar with and had raised their children in, they can ensure the best possible prices and services for our clients. They have continually developed solid business relationships with a wide range of vendors, giving them a great deal of choice and thereby keeping costs competitive.

 Our family has earned a solid reputation in this industry by consistently providing professional, efficient and respectful response to the needs of every resident of the properties we manage. We know you will also appreciate our ongoing commitment to deliver quality service to our loyal client base.

Some might say we have an unhealthy obsession. That's great news for you, because it's what you want in a realtor. What separates us from the rest?

We eat, live, and breathe houses
Not literally. That's impossible. But we do know Colonials from Cotswolds, Missions from Bungalows. No matter the type of house, we know the ins and outs for every buyer.

We've been around the block 
If it can affect buying or selling--interest rates, market surpluses, appraiser strikes--we're on top of it. Our years of experience are always at work for you.